Manage HP Notebooks TouchPad or ClickPad in Windows 10

A TouchPad or ClickPad is a pointing device having a touch-sensitive surface placed on the palm rest of the notebook. TouchPads have a touch-sensitive area surrounded by two or more buttons that work like the left and right buttons on an external mouse. ClickPads have an unmarked area for the left and right clicking unlike the discrete buttons like on the TouchPad. To do the right-click using a ClickPad hit the bottom right corner. To left-click, hit anywhere on the ClickPad, or click the bottom left corner.
So, given here are the steps to manage HP Notebooks TouchPad or ClickPad in Windows 10. In case you are not able to understand these steps, contact HP Laptop Support Number and talk with the experts. They will help you out in every situation and suggest you the best solution to your problem.

Manage HP Notebooks TouchPad or ClickPad in Windows 10

What are the steps to open the Touchpad or ClickPad Settings?

TouchPad and ClickPad configuration options are there on the TouchPad properties page. Access the given steps to open the properties page and enable or disable individual settings.

·        In the Windows search box, write TouchPad.
·        In the results list, go to the TouchPad settings.
·        Click on the option “Additional settings”.
·        Hit the TouchPad or ClickPad Settings tab. If you access a Synaptics device, the tab contains the Synaptics icon and may vary from the graphic.
·        You can manage the settings for scrolling, clicking, edge behaviors, sensitivity and gesture actions to match your personal preferences.
·        The Properties window is separated into three areas to aid you with TouchPad or ClickPad configuration.
1.     The left side of the window is gestures and actions. Hit to highlight the individual gesture or action. Once highlighted, choose the Help icon to find out more information or choose the Settings icon to change the settings.
2.     The lower right side implies the finger movement related to the gesture or action.
3.     The upper right side implies the on-screen response to the finger movements.
·        Turn on or off the individual gestures by hitting the checkbox next to each item. A checkmark in the checkbox implies that the gesture is enabled.

In case if your HP Laptop Touchpad not Working, contact our experts at support number. They will get I touch with you and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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