Simple Steps to Overcome HP Printer in Error State Problem

If you are a regular user of an HP printer then it will be a great chance for you to encounter Printer in error state issue. There are numerous problems that you might come across while using your printer but printer in error state is one of the most challenging problems. However, you do not need to worry about this issue as there are effective steps or solutions for this problem that you will get to know in this write-up. In case if you want expert guidance, dial HP Phone Number. Experts will redirect you to the solution to your problem.

Overcome HP Printer in Error State Problem

Probable Reasons for HP Printer in Error State Problem

You will see that your HP printer stops suddenly when you try to print some documents. You will see a window popping up displaying HP printer in error state. This is an error that stops your printer from answering the print commands that you give. The main cause behind this problem is an improperly connected USB cable or an operating system problem. The problem may also be occurred due to some connection issues with wireless, USB, Bluetooth and wired and may be due to driver issues. If you are looking for some effective solutions for this problem then try the below-mentioned solutions. The fixes given below will surely help you in resolving your HP printer in error state problem.

1.     Examine Printer’s Connection and Try to Restart the Device

This is one of the simplest solutions that you can perform when you come across HP printer in error state. Check if there is a suitable connection between the computer and your printer and confirm that the connection is functioning properly. It is also recommended for you to confirm that all the connected devices are working appropriately. Ensure that the cable or the network that you are accessing for the connection does not have any defect. Restarting another connected device can fix the HP printer in error state issue some of the time. Try to power off your PC and your printer entirely. Allow them to stay in this state for some time and after that turn them back on to see if the problem has gone.

2.     Check if there is Paper Loaded

It is compulsory for you to check if there is paper loaded in your printer tray. Prior to doing this, you need to check that the printer has been turned off. After that, turn on your printer again and wait for a while till your printer is in the ready state. Now examine the error.

3.     Hardware Self-Test

This includes trying and printing hardware self-test with the HP printer.
·        At first, open and close the cover of your printer five to six times and that too very quickly. This will print the pages with lines on them.
·        If the pages do not print, you will get a notification having details why your printer cannot be identified.

4.     Unplugging the Cable

This includes unplugging the cables from both the ends and then plugging it again or remaking a wireless connection. After this, you can try to print a document.

5.     Uninstalling the Software

This solution includes uninstalling each individual software that is available for the printer. Software problems can also cause HP printer in error state problem.

6.     Rebooting your PC

If all the above steps are unable to work for you, try rebooting your PC. Installing the software again and reinstalling printer drivers might also fix your problem.

7.     Running the Troubleshooter

Running a printer troubleshooter might help you in fixing the HP printer in error state problem. However, there are some simple steps that you should follow:
·        Firstly, ensure that your printer is suitably plugged into the power supply. Your printer should be turned on. Try to check USB connection or the wireless connection.
·        Run the printer troubleshooter.
·        If this does not fix your problem, it is highly possible that your printer needs a brand-new driver. For this, you need to perform the following.
·        Right-click the Start key and select the “Device Manager” option.
·        Choose the “Expand Printers” option and try to find your printer in the displayed list.
·        After that, right click it and choose the “Update Driver” option.
This will surely fix your problem.

8.     Check whether Your Printer is Online or not

Hp printer in error state is an issue that can also be raised if your printer is offline. The steps that you need to follow in order to get your HP printer online include:
·        Tap on the “Start” option and go to Control Panel.
·        After that, select the “Devices and Printers” option.
·        Look if the printer is offline. If the printer is online, the status will display as Ready.
·        Keep the printer online by right clicking on the Printer and select the option that states Use Printer Online.
·        After doing this, it will change the display to ready.

Hope these steps will fix your HP Printer in Error State issue. If not, contact HP Support. Experts will talk to you and resolve your problem instantly.

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