Steps to Restore the Hotkeys on an HP Laptop

Hewlett Packard or HP laptops attribute special comprises combination keys that are known as multimedia hotkeys and Quick Launch hotkeys. The benefit of this key is that it directly redirects a computer application when pressed. The hotkeys may stop to function after an update that struggles with the hotkey driver software, if the files of the driver become corrupt or if the hotkeys have been formerly incapacitated. Try to reset the hotkey function before upgrading the driver software or fixing a Microsoft Windows "hotfix" update. So, here are the Steps to Restore the Hotkeys on an HP Laptop. For any assistance, contact HP Support Number. Experts will resolve your issue and solve it out in no time.

Steps to Restore the Hotkeys on an HP Laptop

Steps to Reactivate the Hotkeys Utility

Go through the below steps to reactivate the hotkeys utility.
1. Click on the “Start” button.
2. Choose "All Programs".
3. From the menu, choose the "Software Setup" option.
4. Tap on all the small boxes excluding the "Quick Launch Program" to eliminate the check marks from all excluding the Quick Launch utility.
5. Dab on the "Next" option to install the Quick Launch utility again. Restart your laptop when asked for it.
6. Hit on the “Start” button.
7. Click on the "Control Panel" in the menu.
8. Choose the "Quick Launch Buttons" option in the list to open the utility and modify your settings.

Download the Quick Launch Hotkeys Utility

1. Visit the HP Quick Launch Buttons download page.
2. Hit the "Download" button on the page. Click on "Save File" in the dialog window. If asked, save the file to your laptop desktop for tranquil access.
3. Double-click on the download file to open it. Follow the onscreen given directions. Restart your laptop.

Use the HP Update to Update the Software

1. Click on the “Start” button.
2. Choose the "All Programs" option.
3. Hit the "HP" folder. Choose "HP Update" from the list. This program may take more than a few minutes to load and find the updates.
4. Click on the "Next" in the confirmation window. Perform the directives for updating the software. Restart your laptop, if asked for it.

Search for the Updates on the HP Web Site

1. Go to your Web browser and visit the HP support page.
2. Choose your country or region.
3. Hit "Drivers & Software" on the next page.
4. Write down your HP laptop product name and number. Search for your product name and number on the identification label on the laptop stuffing box, or on a sticker stick to the underside of the laptop. If you do not have the product name or number, execute the HP's Auto Detection utility at the HP Auto Detection website.
5. Hit the "Enter" button on the HP Drivers & Software support page. Go through the instructions. Restart your laptop, if asked.

Install a Microsoft Hotfix

1. Visit the Microsoft Hotfix website page that precisely resolves hotkey difficulties in Windows 7.
2. Hit the text link "View and request hotfix downloads" existing at the top of the page under "Hotfix Download Available".
3. Tap the "I Accept" button.
4. Go through the onscreen instructions. Restart your laptop.

If the above process won’t work for you, then you can contact HP Laptop Support Number. Experts will give you the proper solution to your problem and make you free from strife.

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