Disable the Timers for HP Ink Cartridge with Simple Steps

Some of the HP printers use cartridges that perishes 12 or 24 months after their warranty ends, or some of them expire 18 or 30 months after being installed in your printer. Additionally, some printers refuse to print until you have changed an expired cartridge. Other models of the HP printer have a supersede procedure that you can access to continue printing with a perished ink cartridge. HP will not offer warranty service for any mutilation to your printer caused by the perished ink and presages that the old ink and dry cartridges can damage the print head. Keeping in mind these cautions and your budget, superseding the timer is an easy and straightforward method. So, to Disable the Timers for HP Ink you need to perform the below suggested steps. In case if you want any technical assistance, contact HP Support. Experts will get in touch with you and try to fix your issue as soon as possible.

Disable the Timers for HP Ink Cartridge

Operative steps to Disable the Timers for HP Ink

If you are looking for the simple steps to disable the timers for HP Ink, then follow the given steps.
1.     Notice the indicator lights on the printer. If you observe the two blinking lights on the control panel that is the "Power" and the "Resume" lights and at least one cartridge light is blinking, it designates a perished cartridge. Move to the next step.
2.     Hit and hold down the "Power" button while you dab the "Resume" button three times. The Resume light will stop blinking and the cartridge light will go out.
3.     Carry on your printing until your cartridge runs out of ink. Notice your printouts closely and change the cartridge with the new one if your output quality grieves.

Some important points to keep in mind

·        The date written on your cartridge signifies the end of its warranty period, not its expiration date.
·        Keep a record that traces the cartridge installation date and warranty expiration date for the cartridge that you access in your HP printer.
·        If you purchase the HP brand ink from the nearby office supply store, look for the warranty dates on the boxes and take the freshest ones available.
·        If you have installed a cartridge in the HP printer, do not take it out for more than a few minutes as it still contains ink. An uncovered cartridge can dry out and may harm your printer if you reinstall it.

If you applied all the above steps and do not get the desired result then contact HP Tech Support Number to talk to the experts. You can contact technicians anytime to get help for your printer device.


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