How to Fix HP Printer Out of Paper Error Message?

Are you trying to print a document on the HP printer but receive a message that no paper is loaded, even though it is? Are you getting frustrated with such hurdle and want an immediate answer to fix this issue? If yes, then contact HP Printer Support Phone Number as they will only make you understand the process of adjusting your paper in the paper-tray. Make sure your paper is smudged.


When this error message occurs, you can take several steps to troubleshoot and print your file hassle-freely. Such an error can be resolved by multiple ways. For example, resetting the printer, check the quality of the paper, clean the paper pick roller and many more. To avoid this issue, use only a good quality of papers which meets printer specifications. The printer might make noises while printing, but the paper does not move through. Such a paper feeding issue can be exterminated within a couple of seconds under the guidance of qualified and experienced engineers.

Steps To Fix HP Printer Out Of Paper Error Message
Below are the procedures of annihilating the issue paper feeding in HP printer, have a look at those points:

1.     Turn Your HP Printer Off and Then Make It ON
Turn off the printer and then turn it back ON. By doing this, it will reset the print mechanism. Follow the below points:
·        Press the Power button to turn-off the printer
·        Wait for a minute
·        Again press the Power button to turn the HP printer ON

2.     Check The Condition of the Paper
Note-down the below steps for checking the condition of your paper:
·        Remove the stack of paper from the tray
·        Check for obstacles inside the tray. Use a flashlight to view the mechanism inside the tray to assure that nothing blocks the paper from engaging with the rollers
·        Examine the condition of the paper, if any paper is ripped, dusty, curled, wrinkled, or bent, replace it instantly.
·        Make sure all the paper inside the tray is on same size
·        Avoid loading mixed types of paper in the tray

3.     Clean The Paper Pick Rollers
·        Turn-off the printer first
·        Disconnect the power cord
·        Raise the input tray
·        Pull the paper tray back and hold it so you can look inside the input tray
·        Find the gray paper pick rollers
·        Wet a cotton with distilled water and then squeeze any excess water from the swab
·        Leave the rollers for few minutes to dry
·        Now, reconnect the power cord and then turn-on the printer

With doing any of the above procedures, you can print any document without any obstacle. But the problem still is persisting, then do not avoid. Just avail HP Support Assistant by dialing our toll-free number and get solutions from the tech-savvy person.


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