5 Steps to Fix Google Cloud Print in HP Printer

Google Cloud Print is such an amazing feature which enables you to print easily from anywhere of the globe and also at any time that you are in need. Such technology offers you the opportunity of connecting your HP printer or any usable printer to the internet. This technology can work on a variety of phones, PCs, tablets and other internet-based devices that you want to do your printing from. But sometime you may encounter problems related to this application and need instant HP Support for dealing with the issues. The technical engineers will guide you all the procedure in an efficient way.

Before going to initiate successfully Google Cloud Print, you have to assure that your HP printer is connected to the same network. To configure and working Google Cloud Print, you are required to install this application on your PC and then complete the account setup process. Only then you are applicable to use such a technology.

Steps to Fix Google Cloud Print

The below mentioned five procedures are the most common ways to diagnose Google Cloud Print problems. Hence, try to read out this information carefully.

·        Check Both The Devices Are Updated And Connected

Check all the basics first. Make sure that the HP printer is connected to your network. You should installed all the latest updates for Chrome, the printer's firmware, and your operating system

·        Connect your HP printer properly

Check the HP printer's network connection settings. If your printer and Google Cloud Print work theoretically, you should assign a static IP address if possible. This makes it easier to access the printer's administrative settings as you'll always know the address.

·        Register HP Printer To Google Cloud Print

Next, you have to connect your printer to the Google Cloud Print Service. So, if you use HP ePrint printer, you will first need to configure ePrint service and then enter the ePrint email address.

·        Share Your HP Printer To Your Account

Do the following procedure to share your printer with your account:
1.     Select the printer first and then choose “Share” option
2.     Now enter the other accounts of your email address to allow them to access to the print

·        Allow Your Firewall To access Cloud Print

In some case, you will need to change your firewall settings to allow access to port 5222 for XMPP traffic.

Once you follow all those above steps, you may not encounter some problems with Google cloud print. But, if the problem is arising yet, our tech-geeks are ready to deliver HP Printer Support at+1-888-902-8333. Just lend a hand with them and get instant solution effectually. 


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